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Thanks to CFI Todd Ware for this great video showing why we like to fly trikes!


Why Fly A Trike?

Trikes offer the best vantage point to view a Colorado sunset

Trike flying is an experience in freedom and excitement that is unmatched in any other activity. Small, light aircraft offer skilled pilots the opportunity to fly with almost no restriction, sitting in the open air, free to touch the wind in ways not imagined until experienced. Trikes take off and land at public airports, private airstrips, and even farmers’ back yards. Flying just a few feet off the ground, up to a thousand feet or more above the ground, trikes offer a range of diversity that continually offers challenge, inspiration, and pure joy.


Flying A Trike

Trikes use a wing similar to a hang glider, with a sturdy lower carriage equipped with a motor, wheels, instruments, and seating for two. With your hands on the control bar, trikes let you feel the air as you carve through crisp mornings, warm afternoons, and soft evenings, giving the illusion that the wings are extensions of your arms. This natural flight control, combined with instruments and radio communications, is a magical combination of simplicity and technology that makes trike flying one of the most gratifying forms of aviation.


Trike Safety

Trike flying is not an "extreme" sport. Like other forms of aviation, trike flying has matured into a reliable, safe form of recreation. This maturity is due to the creation of extensive pilot training and support programs, and also to the improvement in building materials and techniques. Decades of dedication to the development of trikes and trike pilots has made our form of flying one of the safest adventures you will ever undertake.


Contact Us!

Trike pilots are one of the friendliest, most supportive groups of people you will meet anywhere. Bring your family and friends, and come join us for a unique and wondrous experience you will not forget!

Give us a call to arrange a demo flight, flight instruction, ground instruction, or just to talk about light sport flying in general.




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